Is your TV reception always really bad? Are you tired of having to re tune your digital TV antenna everywhere you go and not getting the channels you want?  Ocean Phase Marine has the answer to your problems. 

As more and more people are demanding quality TV reception, Ocean Phase Marine and Ocean TV satellite antennas have been working together to provide boat owners reliable TV reception through satellite with free to air boxes and Foxtel services direct to their vessel anywhere, anytime.

Whether you like watching the footy, live music or movies, you can relax knowing your TV signal will not be interrupted by bad weather, surrounding hills or frequencies transmitted from other boats. Ocean TV satellite antennas are the cheapest and most reliable satellite antennas on the market today, and this is why they are selling so fast. Consult our team at Ocean Phase today for a free quote.

This is one of our latest installations on a Maritimo 48. Ocean Phase Marine installed a 045 Ocean TV satellite antenna to operate four TV's with in the boat. Each TV has its own free to air receiver providing individual control to each TV from the satellite antenna.

The installation was straight forward, firstly the radar was moved forward to allow room for the satellite antenna and strut. The strut was used so the satellite antenna could receive a direct signal from the satellites in the sky without interference from the radar.

The coaxial cables were run through the boat with a 12VDC power supply to each TV and receiver - flybridge, saloon, port cabin and the forward cabin. Each free to air receiver was mounted out of sight with a remote eye transmitter mounted to the face of the TV. This made the install very clean, professional and did not take up any room on bench tops or counters. HDMI leads then linked the receivers to each TV for a clear and reliable picture. We also connected each TV to its own Fusion stereo unit for surround sound.

Once the installation was finalised, we registered the free to air receivers online and waited for the hit to our satellite antenna. The satellite got the hit, tuned the channels and we could see that we have more than 100 free to air channels throughout Australia on each TV. The satellite antenna auto tunes all channels and will lock onto the satellite in the sky where ever the boat travels to. The installation was all done in one day which makes the owners happy knowing their boat is ready to use by the day after and not out of action for the weekend.

If you would like to find out more information on Ocean TV satellite antennas or the installation of the satellite antenna system for Foxtel or free to air please contact: info@oceanphasemarine.com